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please pray for me from the results of severe abuse, my gums are wasting away and I have major teeth problems. please pray for a super natural healing esp to grow my gums tissue back. Please also pray for weightloss and muscletone to regain and for healing for my husband and I of PTSD. Please pray that our investment comes through and that we can live in a quiet place to heal. Please pray for our dog BB as he has severe allergies and chews his paws all the time and doesn't sleep well. He also is afraid of other dogs (he is adopted). Please pray for Ryn healing of fibroymlgia and for a quiet place to live and for Robyn to be able to move out of her home which is badly leaking and has black mould. Also for catherine who has black mould everywhere in her house but doesnt want to move but it is making her sick.

Received: February 9, 2024