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You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!

Victor Dedaj

Please pray for my brother George. He has been out of work for over 7 months and is worried about finding another job.

He is a programmer and the technology industry has gotten very hard by the recession. He is also concerned that he may not

find a job because of his age (he is 58).

Please pray for him to find another job. Thank you.

Received: April 27, 2023

This prayer has been answered!


Please pray for me to get God's favours; please pray that I pass my exams and God protects me from all evil plans with my studies.

Received: April 26, 2023


Pray that radio stations play Gospel songs by Caroll and Brenda Farley

Received: April 26, 2023

Brenda Farley

I will sing unto the LORD, because he hath dealt bountifully with me.

Psalm 13:6

The Holy Bible

Received: April 25, 2023

Monish Abraham & Fabiola Vargas


I would like for you and the congregation/prayer warriors to please attach your faith with mine to see the below prayer request come to pass.

Lord, I stand in the gap for my soon-to-be wife (Faby) and lift this request on behalf of both of us. Create in us the desire and urge for a stronger and deeper relationship with You. Let every minute make us stronger, closer, and inseparable from each other. I declare and decree with fire and force the removal of all bad company/ thoughts and destructive behaviors from our lives. I replace it with a moldable and growing mind, heart, and soul for the rest of our lives; so we live out our full potential in Jesus' name.

I declare open doors of blessings, favor, and more opportunities that are best for our family. I declare and decree all doors of evil - lies, deceit, lack of communication, and so on to be shut with fire and force in Jesus' name. No weapons formed against us shall prosper. I bind our relationship and future together in protection (Psalm 91). I speak elevation which is found in Isaiah 40:31. Holy Spirit, move through us and cover us in the blood of Jesus.

Lord bless our family and our generations to come. Lord though we are not perfect keep us perfect like Mark 10:9. Bring us into perfect oneness in Jesus' name, Amen!

Received: April 24, 2023


Please earnestly pray that God has mercy on me and help me. Thank you

Received: April 20, 2023

This prayer has been answered!

Brenda Farley

By me if any man enter in, he shall be saved

John 10:9

The Holy Bible

Received: April 20, 2023

This prayer has been answered!


I pray that me and my mom can at least get some food to hold us for the rest of the week tomorrow.

Received: April 14, 2023

Kenny LaMar

My ex-wife and I have been trying to reconcile for the last two years. I ask God to restore everything that the enemy stole from us. Please pray for Autumn and Kenny. We need a miracle.

Received: April 12, 2023


Intercession please for the Lord to quickly provide for urgent financial needs as well as the open door for a new profession where I can use my talents and gifts. Underemployment and an onslaught of unexpected expenses have created a situation of lack that seems to be snowballing. I wish to see His glory in this situation.

Thank you very much'


Received: April 4, 2023