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I have an urgent prayer request. My boyfriend Ryan of two years lives in Canada and I am in the USA & we had a very bad breakup. We have been dating long distance due to COVID. He has recently taken steps back from Christ & is delving into worldly/sinful things. He has been spending a lot of time with unbelievers who have a big problem with him making changes to live a holy life. They strongly dislike me because I led Ryan to Christ. Last week he finally caved, rejected me & has turned his back on God. He has turned into a completely different person overnight as a result. He has so much anger inside him & is far from Jesus. His friends have convinced him to finally leave me because they say I have caused him to make a lot of changes in his life and he no longer wants to party and delve into worldly desires. They have been discouraging him from having a relationship with Jesus for a while now. Ryan started a ministry page on social media and they have caused him to stop leading people to Christ because they found it offensive. He has hardened his heart and shows no emotion now. I am praying for emergency breakthrough, that Ryan repents/comes back to Jesus and that our relationship is fully restored. He is blinded right now, being deceived and I pray that the Holy Spirit opens his eyes and that God does the impossible. I plead the precious blood of Jesus over Ryan and declare victory over the enemy in the mighty name of Jesus!

Received: October 7, 2021