Where We Are, and Where We Are Going
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Despite the unexpected changes that the worldwide pandemic brought to Capital, we have still been blessed with progress, growth, and renewed vision. We approached these changes head-on, and every ministry has gone to great lengths to continue to reach our congregation and community in new ways. For a more detailed report, download our 2019-2020 Annual Report. You can review the financial reports, be encouraged by the salvation, baptism, and membership numbers, and read some of the highlights from the past fiscal year. 



We stream 2 services across 3 platforms and are consistent in our online attendance. About 1800 people stream our services live. With the ability to watch on demand, viewership goes up significantly throughout the week. 

  • Youtube: Your channel got 7,792 views in the last 28 days
  • Facebook: 17,282 video views in the last 28 days
  • Website: 919 video views in the last 28 days


Our guests fill out an online connection card to get plugged in to Capital. 33 guests filled out the card since March 2020, letting us know who they are and how we can connect them. Pastors reach out to them throughout the week to see how we can assist them in getting plugged into our community or resourcing them in any way.


We have sent out 61 Bibles to members of our online audience during our online experiences. We have also provided the opportunity to meet online for the Day One. Some have pursued baptism, Growth Track, and getting connected further in service after filling out the salvation form online or through texting. We are excited to see how the kingdom of God has continued to grow! Would you like a Bible? Get more information on Salvation here! 


Because of the growing amount of salvations and rededications, we had a large number of people eager to be baptized, and we made it happen! Unique baptism opportunities were provided in this season at the River and at Pastor Rick’s home. We will resume baptism opportunities on the first Sunday of the month on February 7. Baptism is critical/essential in our walk with Jesus, and we wanted to resume making that an available experience each month! Sign up for Baptism here! 



Growth Track continues to meet every Monday on Zoom as a means to connect people to the life of the church. We have had several that are attracted to the messaging and mission of Capital Christian Center, but have never set foot on our campus. We are able to make the connection to the church, discover their design, develop their leadership, and set them up to make a difference through our serve opportunities. Register for Growth Track here!


29 people chose to become members of Capital during this COVID season. We aren’t shrinking, we are growing! We have new ideas coming from these members, and are learning how to communicate with them in this season and will be setting up more regular communication for our membership database!



  • Before March 2020, we streamed the 10:30am service online via Facebook only. We averaged about 50 viewers per week.
  • Starting in March, we began streaming 2 services (9am & 11am) across 3 platforms – Facebook, Youtube, and our Church Website.  
  • YOUTUBE – We’ve increased our YouTube growth and subscribership in this season by 68% – 1,287 subscribers as of 1/27/21 (added 52 new subscribers in the last month! It continues to grow)
  • WEBSITE – We added live streaming to our website in . Our reach is outside of our doors. Today, there are 135 registered users on this platform, and an average of 150 viewers every week. 
  • FACEBOOK – There is an average of 103 viewers during the 9am service, and 43 viewers during the 11am service every Sunday, a growth of 76% since March 2019.


During this season of being separate from each other, smaller groups within the MCA have sprung up and have added stickiness to the greater body.  They check in on each other, keep each other encouraged, etc. We have also been helping assist people within our department with needs that arise due to illness, loss of a loved one, etc. Members of the group have provided meals, groceries and done odd jobs around the homes of those who have had to deal with extended illness.

The MCA Zoom Bible Study has met weekly since April 8, 2020. They have been going through the New Testament, verse by verse, and are currently on their fourth book! Since COVID began, some people have joined MCA and are a part of their study.



Our volunteers are the heart and soul of this ministry. We have a total of 114 registered volunteers for the 4th Sunday giveaway. Since August 2020, we have prepared 100 bags of groceries for 200 families, and during the Holidays, we dubbed the amount. We have prepared a total of 1200 grocery bags to 700 families since July, not including our Convoy of Hope event in June. On The Big Serve Day, we had 183 registrant volunteers, and we prepared 5000 bags of groceries for 1500 families.

We have reached out to 2200 families and prepared 6200 bags of groceries. Furthermore, we have received an additional 144 GETHELP online requests for weekday pickup and delivery. Since March of 2020, we have prepared and giveaway 200 special bags of groceries with toiletry to the homeless.


We hold daily prayer requests from three sources: the 24/7 Prayer Line, Online, and Sunday mornings. Since March, we have received 233 prayer requests, and with the help of our POCs, we are able to respond to every prayer request received. They pray for people in need, help them with Benevolence, counseling, and provide other resources such as


The COVID season has created challenges for the church, but Capital Kids sees those challenges as opportunities, and we have done our best to think creatively and make the most of the opportunities that we’ve been given. Our YouTube channel averages over 100 views a week, we have a weekly zoom meeting for all of our kids to attend, and we periodically host drive through and outreach events on our campus. We have picked up new skills during this time that will enable us to better minister to once we return to weekly in person services.


  • Over 150 people attended our Ice Cream Drive-Thru in September.
  • Our Halloween Drive-Thru event maxed out with over 600 families in attendance!
  • During our 21 Day Christmas Project, we delivered gifts to 21 different families over the course of 21 days.
  • Over 100 total volunteers served at our various events.
  • We hosted the Kids area during the Giving Tree and made connections with 90+ families. 


  • Our Youtube subscribers grew by 981.82%
  • 100+ channel views per week, with over 4300 views during the last 10 months
  • We hosted over 40 Wednesday night zoom meetings
  • Over 400 views for our Covid friendly VBS series in July.


  • Delivered at home Easter Kits to 60+ families
  • Delivered Gift Bags to 70+ families
  • Delivered 330+ chalk bags to all of our Capital Kids families
  • Text/Called all Capital Kids Families regularly
  • Delivered Donuts, Starbucks, Slurpees, Jamba Juice, & to countless families 



Since March, we have utilized multiple media platforms to continue regular connection. We use Facebook for connecting with parents, and YouTube and Zoom to meet with students. During the summer months, we met with students individually, which we called ‘Lawn Chair Meet Ups’. We’d bring them a slurpee or coffee and just catch up on how they were doing. In the fall, we were excited to host a socially distanced event, Harvestival. We had 60 students and volunteers, the entire event was supported through donations from parents and community businesses.


Please Elaborate (PE), our new ministry for young adults between ages 18-30, launched in September. Since then, we have already growth exponentially. 

  • 4 in-person events
  • 13 digital gatherings with an average of 32 “engagements.”
  • We have gained 20 members. 

 We have 2 upcoming webinars to look forward to:   

  • “Landing a job after a pandemic” (April)
  • “Social Justice in a post pandemic world” (June)

Get connected to our College/Young Adult ministry here




Bible Study – The women of Capital are still as eager as ever to meet with each other whenever they have the chance. We started meeting via Zoom for Bible Study last summer, and again in the Fall. Currently, we are walking through our third Zoom Bible study on the prophet Elijah with over 250 ladies in attendance on Monday evenings at 7pm.

Sisters’ Night – We have had 2 Sisters’ Nights since March that have been livestreamed on the church’s social media platforms. Our next Sister’s Night will be happening on March 19. We hope to see you there! 

Outreach – We always have an outreach opportunity in front of us. This year, we have: provided backpacks and supplies to families in need, wrapped gifts and served at the Giving Tree, donated gift cards to encourage students in Continuation High Schools, provided meals where there was need, sent hundreds of hand-written notes, texts, emails, and prayer connections. 

More Info:


Capital Men meets every Thursday on Zoom. Led by Stephen Grilley, this ministry has continued to grow faithfully as they dive into the Word together every week. More info:


We make it a priority to keep our Senior Adults connected – to the church and to each other in the class. Every week, Pastor Bill Chapin provides a devotional message via email. Included in the email are testimonials, as well as requests for prayer, along with promotion of church wide activities. We have had some requests to receive the weekly email from people who haven’t attended the class on a regular basis in the past as well as some who have moved out of the area or out of the state. I often get feedback of thanks for messages and the updates. If anyone wants to be a recipient, we’ll add them to the list. Even though our Senior Class is not meeting weekly, many from the class continue to remain connected in other ways (Men’s, Women’s ministries, serving days, etc). 


We are thrilled that 24 families decided to dedicate their children in 2020. We had 2 different opportunities for families to meet with Pastor Rick, socially distanced, and make the commitment to raise their child in Christ.

Our next opportunity for baby dedication is coming up on February 14.  This is our third dedication in just over 6 months. Sign up to dedication your child here


Marriages continue to be impacted and opportunities for growth and support are available. The Strengthening Your Marriage class has continued to stay connected – through calls, emails, and Zoom gatherings. Currently, the SYM Class is meeting on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am on Zoom. Last Sunday, 60 couples gathered to connect and grow together. If you would like to join, sign up online here!