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Prayer Request


Dear Prayer Warriors,

I am reaching out to you, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, with a heartfelt prayer request. I humbly ask for your intercession and support as I face various challenges in my life, including health issues, financial debt, and the struggle against an evil family pattern. I believe in the power of united prayer and trust in the Lord's provision and guidance.

Firstly, I request your prayers for my health. I am facing physical ailments and challenges that have caused me pain and limitations. Please pray for God's healing touch to rest upon me, bringing restoration and wholeness to my body. Pray that He will grant wisdom to my doctors and healthcare providers, guiding them in their efforts to diagnose and treat my condition. May His peace and comfort surround me, and may I experience His strength and healing power each day.

Additionally, I ask for your prayers regarding my financial situation. The burden of debt weighs heavily upon me, causing stress and anxiety. I seek God's guidance and provision in overcoming this financial hardship. Pray that He will grant me wisdom in managing my finances, opening doors of opportunity for increased income and wise financial decisions. May God's favor be upon me as I diligently work towards financial freedom, and may His grace sustain me during this challenging season.

Furthermore, I bring before you the struggles against an evil family pattern that has affected my life. This pattern has caused division, strife, and hurt within my family. I humbly request your prayers for healing, deliverance, and reconciliation. Pray that God's love and forgiveness will penetrate our hearts, breaking the cycle of negativity and replacing it with harmony, unity, and restoration. May God's transforming power bring healing to the broken relationships within my family.

Lastly, I ask for your prayers of strength, perseverance, and faith as I navigate these challenges. Pray that I will not lose hope or grow weary but will find renewed strength in the Lord. May His presence be a constant source of comfort and assurance. Pray that I will experience victory over every obstacle, knowing that God is with me, guiding my steps and leading me to triumph.

Received: June 4, 2023