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Prayer Request


In this time of hardship, we (my family) pray for a season of ease, blessings, peace, and prosperity. We pray for joy, provision, abundance, protection and favor.

We pray for inner peace, contentment, and tranquillity in the midst of life's challenges. Calm and steadfast spirits, knowing that GOD is with us and will sustain us.

GOD is sovereign and ruler over all things. We rely on HIM for all our needs and recognise that HE is the source of all blessings. We thank HIM for the blessings and provisions HE has already provided us. In times of hardship, we thank HIM for his faithfulness and goodness.

We have submitted our desires and requests (financial, jobs and businesses, visas, homes, life’s challenges and wishes). We pray for wisdom and discernment to align our desires with GOD's purposes and plans for our lives. We pray for GOD’s guidance and direction in our decisions and actions and ask HIM to lead us.

We trust in his perfect timing and know that GOD will work all things together for our good. God hears our prayers and is faithful to answer according to HIS will.

We have faith and trust that GOD will provide.

Received: May 31, 2023