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Prayer Request

Christina Z Smith

Please pray for someone who i didn't exactly know personally but had some contact with. he just became an Atheist. it's breaks my heart he just left God. i didn't know him personally but he was so nice to me and made feel welcome i also did the same to him.

I hope i will be able to still talk to him. if not i'm gonna miss him.

Please Jesus in your name to bring him back to Christ. i totally believe God was using him and me. but Satan came and took him away from God.

God says many will leave him. so Jesus bring him back to you.

Also i want Jesus to be able for me to handle and get thought this. i want him to be able to heal me from this terrible news and whatever happens i will be able to move on from it and the guy i had contact with.

I'm gonna miss him i really hopes he comes back to the Lord. Amen.

Received: March 23, 2023