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Things are very hard for me at the moment in the place I call home not just for me but for everyone that calls this place home especially the locals who are treated like foreigners in their own country and it feels like the government doesn't care about their own people the cost of living is very high and the minimum wage is nothing to celebrate and my job isn't providing me with much and I'm praying for something better it's so bad that it's affecting the relationship that I am in my girlfriend is also in a job that is stressing her out and not paying well she was saying if things get worse than they are she might move to Canada we have been dating for just about a year she said last night she likes me a lot but she is trying to quench the love because she isn't ready to fall in love and be tied down because if things get worse she is moving but she is also praying and hoping to see us become more than boyfriend and girlfriend and praying for things to improve for the both of us and the island I have been praying also and nonstop for God to intervein on our behalf because I know deep down God has sent me my soulmate and the person I will spend my life with I just pray things will be better for us so we can continue to be together and start a life and a family together I love her with all of my heart and pray God will bless this beautiful thing that we share and for her to embrace the love that she has for me

Received: September 28, 2022