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Thank you so very much for praying for my family in Ukraine. My brother Michael fainted a couple of days ago at his wife's apartment due to the luck of sleep because he has been caring about our mom Valentyna (who had a stroke and can't eat and drink) for 14 weeks now 24/7. I am very grateful for God's mercy because last time Michael fell 4 weeks ago on the street and hurt his leg and arm very badly. Please continue praying for Michael to have help and rest and recover from migraines and nose bleeding and stomach pain and be safe to care for mom and his wife Angela because she had fever and vomited for the past 2 days due to her kidney condition. Tomorrow Michael has to go to her doctor to ask about blood work nurse and cardiologist come and examine Valentyna because her blood pressure was up and down all last week and medications did not help. Michael asked about it last week, but nothing was ordered. Yesterday Valenyna's heart beat was very bad and throat inflammation got worse. Today I don't have any new from my family and very worried about them. Michael could not get the referral to the cardiologist and an ambulance is not coming to old people anymore. Without a referral it's impossible to admit a person to a hospital. Please continue your powerful prayers that doctors cooperate this time and for Valentyna's recovery from the stroke that her throat heal and esophagus work 100% and she be able to eat, drink, and sleep at night.

Please continue praying for peace in Ukraine, Alex's-soldier safety, Angela's kidney recovery (she has vomited today all day) and Eugene finding a better job and for all my family be safe and to receive the financial assistance from United Nations’ Fund given to Ukraine.

Prayer list: Tatyana, Valentyna, Michael, Angela, Eugene, Andrew, Alex-soldier, Nataya, Nikolay, peace in Ukraine, health and safety.

Abundant blessings and good health to you.

Received: September 6, 2022