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Requesting prayer for my 76 year old mom, Gracia. She is in the hospital due an infection that became septic. She also has COVID-19, she lives in Mexico and most of her children live in the USA.

Also requesting continued prayer for me an my siblings (America, Roldan and Lilian) We ask God to give us wisdom and a clear mind and heart.

For our sister Lilian to come to Jesus and open her heart to his teachings. She shuts down at the mention of God and/or the Bible. She is the only sibling that has never accepted Jesus, and the only one with an unsuccessful life (personally and financially) which has made her extremely resentful against us. But we know God can do all things. Pray for her two children to not be negatively influenced by her actions and beliefs.

For our brother Roldan to comeback to Jesus and to free him from the spirit of hate and revenge.

For our aunt Elizabeth to heal from COVID-19 and for God to help her lift her spirits as she navigates this situation with us extremely concerned about my mom. Help her and our uncle Alfonso be the voice of truth and guidance to me and my siblings, and for God to speak through them when he needs to keep us focus on his will.

Received: September 3, 2022