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I am mentally incapacitated, and many days ago I was paying attention to a VERY convoluted satanic anti-Gospel argument. Unfortunately, I was paying attention to a deceiving [demonic] spirit warned against in 1 Tim. 4:1. Isolated, chronically disabled from the symptoms of *multiple* diagnosed chronic illnesses, and living in a *very* spiritually dry area, I am *desperately* trying to hold onto my faith in my salvation altogether and am losing. I can’t hold out like this. I NEED faithful intercessors to pray HARD for God to show me EXACTLY what happened at that frightful moment days ago, ASSURE me GREATLY of my salvation IF I’m still saved (using ALL means necessary), and CONVICT me HARD IF I fell for a heresy (using ALL means necessary). Please pray AS I’VE ASKED. Don’t lose your salvation yourself by heretically thinking that falling for a heresy isn’t somehow THEORETICALLY possible (NOT talking about Eternal Security but about FREE WILL DECISIONS).

Received: July 26, 2022