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Megan Novicki

Hello brothers and sisters at Capitol Christian, my name is Megan & I have never attended any of your services, but I saw your billboard offering prayer requests and I find Myself in great need. I ask for as many prayers as possible for the care and safety of a beautiful little boy that I had been caring for up until this last Saturday. 18 month old Zaire has been my world for the last 10 months, and he was just talking from our loving home and returned to his mother… who is experiencing very serious drug addiction and the horrors that go along with meth and heroin abuse. I ask for prayers of strength and guidance for myself, but most importantly We need all the prayers we can get to keep my baby safe and secure at this terrifying time.

I do believe all things are possible through the lord Jesus Christ, but I have to admit I am still experiencing immense fear and feelings of grief.. I haven’t met you guys, but I thank you and love you all. Thank you prayer Warriors.

Received: January 24, 2022