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You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!


Pray for all the small businesses to pickup, so that the small businesses can bless others.

RAs of this moment, the businesses are only making between 20% - 30%, especially those businesses that's been around for 20 over years or more. Thank you!

Received: August 9, 2020

Monique E.

Good Morning All,

I am asking for prayer for upcoming MRIs that I will be having 08/17/20 to make sure everything is working properly and no more tumors on my kidneys and to make sure no cancer has spread anywhere else in my body.

I'm currently in remission as of 05/2020 the devil is a liar and i know I'm a child of God and in his name my body is healthy.

I would also like to ask for prayer for when I return back to work in September and for my daughter who will be home and doing distant learning on her own due to Covid-19.

Thank you

-Monique E.

Received: August 9, 2020


Last week I asked for prayer for my father. The Lord has healed him of the liver cancer, he is feeling better since having his stomach drained, and is on the mend from the pneumonia. Pray for strength to return and complete healing of the cirrhosis of liver. To God Be the Glory!!!

Received: August 4, 2020

Barbara W.

Please pray for Donna D. who is dying of pancreatic cancer. She is about 81 years old. She was going through an intense treatment of chemotherapy but ended up in the hospital a few times because her body just couldn't stand it any longer. Two years ago after she had surgery to remove the cancer from her pancreas and also having chemotherapy, she was cancer-free. But within the year, the cancer came back and that is why the doctors did the intense chemotherapy on her this time, but it was too much for her to finish the treatments. Donna is now starting on hospice and has full support from her grown children and friends. Please pray that she would be healed and delivered from pancreatic cancer (the silent killer) and that she would get to know Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.

Received: August 1, 2020


Salvation for family and friends. Deeper faith for Christian friends. Miranda and her 3 girls: for more faith, love, hope, peace, protection, wisdom. 1 silent. I have two big tests coming for license. Thanks

Received: July 27, 2020


Salvation for my family. Miranda and her 3 girls: for more faith in Jesus. 1 silent request. Wisdom on the job. Alex and his battalion are in the middle east. God help them.

Received: July 25, 2020


Just a quick note to please pray for Dan, my father, as his liver is in crisis at this time due to having had pneumonia. He will have his stomach drained for ascities. The appointment is this Monday, July 27th at 3:30pm. Pray that he doesn't develop an infection, that his symptoms are relieved and that his liver calms down. Also pray for healing from liver cancer.

Thankyou for your prayers.

Received: July 24, 2020

Mark G.

My car is broken down, can't be fixed until Aug 3, I need my car everyday to make money, I need the funds to come in sooner than later. I'm behind on Everything. I need 750.00 to come in asap.

Received: July 21, 2020


My prayer request is to pray over Levert and KayDee surrender and align with the Lord's will, way and in his time. They have a child on the way and are trying to see where they stand, prepare for this unborn child, and learn to communicate peacefully and effectively. They have a lot going on!

Received: July 21, 2020


Trytton is having emotional issues and is depressed. Family thinks he may be bipolar. He is in desperate need of God's healing.

Received: July 20, 2020