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Capital is a church of its word, so when we say we love and care about our community, we follow it up with action. That is why every 4th Sunday of the month, we feed our community through the Grocery Giveaway and take to the streets with our Homeless Outreach team.

“In early 2021, I began serving with Grocery Giveaway,” says one member of their experience. “We personally go into the streets of Sacramento and fulfill practical needs for the homeless. We provide coats, socks, non-perishable food, water, and prayer. We make sure that all of our supplies are given out before we return to Capital for the day.”

If you feel compelled to get involved, we would love to have you! Click on Give Help above to volunteer at the Grocery Giveaway.


Michelle Higa

Food Closet Coordinator

Michael Paschenko

Capital Men/Outreach

Stephen Grilley

Capital Men/Outreach



November 21 & December 19

Join us on Sunday mornings once a month to give out groceries to those in need! For the holiday months, we are going to give out the full fixings needed for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. If you would like to serve at our Grocery Giveaway, click the button below to GIVE HELP!

We have extra opportunities to supply turkeys this year again for our November and December giveaways. If you would like to sponsor a turkey for a family, the average cost is $10. The goal is to provide 100 families with a special turkey dinner over the holidays. We will be providing BBQ burgers for the homeless at these events as well. To donate, click here to access the SecureGive app and select an amount to give in the Outreach – Food Closet category.


In Person or Online

If you would like to donate food, toiletries, winter jackets, new thick warm socks, blankets, or durable two-man tents, we would love to receive them. We have barrels at each main entrance to the Lobby that you can leave your donations in, or email michelle.higa@capitalonline.cc to coordinate a drop off time.

You can also donate directly on the SecureGive app at the Outreach/Food Closet line. If you would rather write a check, simply write Outreach/Food Closet in the memo section.