Welcome To Your Virtual Missions Trip 2021

Here you can get caught up on any days or Zoom calls you may have missed. Happy adventuring!

Day 1 | Costa Rica

Today we visited the Cartwrights in Costa Rica!

Day 2 | Costa Rica

We learned about Alcance Bible School and heard from David and Amy Cartwright on Zoom. Click the button below if you’d like to watch the Zoom call!

Day 3 | Burkina Faso

Bonjour from Burkina Faso and Feeding Nations Through Education!

Day 4 | Burkina Faso

We learned even more about Burkina Faso and Feeding Nations Through Education.

Day 5 | South Africa

Hello from South Africa!

Zoom Backgrounds

Download these pictures from the countries we will be visiting during our Zoom calls!

Costa Rica

Burkina Faso

South Africa


Your Trip Itinerary

Sunday– Costa Rica | Morning Video Devotional with David Cartwright | Video Greeting by Jason | Costa Rica Recipe (Tres Leches)
Monday Costa Rica | Morning Video Devotional with David Cartwright | Costa Rica Recipe (Gallo Pinto) | Zoom with Cartwright’s 6PM PST
Tuesday– Burkina Faso | Morning Video Devotional with Alfred Koala | Intro to Missions with Jason on Zoom 6PM PST | Burkina Faso Recipe (Benga au Riz)
Wednesday– Burkina Faso | Morning Video Devotional with Alfred Koala | Zoom with Koalas 6pm PST | Burkina Faso Recipe (Bissap Tea)
Thursday– South Africa | Morning Video Devotional with Kirk Spain | Around the World Prayer Night on Zoom 6pm PST with Jason and Pastor Armen | South Africa Recipe (Miele Pap and Gravy with Boerewors)
Friday – South Africa | Morning Video Devotional with Kirk Spain on Website | Zoom with Spains 6pm PST

What are Virtual Missions?

Virtual Missions are just that – a way to travel the world from the safety of your home. Instead of being impeded by the global pandemic, Capital has embraced and adopted the tools at hand to give our church family here at home and in the farthest reaches of the earth tools of their own to continue God’s divine work.

Why we need Virtual Missions

Acts 1:8 says, “and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

We all have the power to take part in mission work, simply because we have the power to pray and give as well as go. The world could really use some helping hands and Gospel love now more than ever, and Capital wants to bring awareness to the remarkable work being done across the globe and increase our overall monthly mission commitments to continue our support and calling for mission work.


Who Am I Traveling With?

When you commit to our Virtual Missions Trip, you’ll be supporting and connecting with three missionary families in three different countries around the world.

David & Amy Cartwright

Costa Rica

Alcance Bible School 


Alfred Koala

Burkina Faso

FNTE: Feeding Nations Through Education


Kirk & Marlene Spain

South Africa

African House